Turning a 16 second dream into a 10 second reality!

This site is about my 1989 Pontiac Firebird, and the things I have learned in its journey.

This is my work in progress. It started as a 1989 White Pontiac Firebird WS-6. It came with a 305 TBI. I hope to tap the 11's with very few dinari' and still be streetable, and drive back and forth to work. Very soon to come will be my high compression N/A 388. All I really need to throw this bitch together is the rods and lower intake manifold. Looking for some forged rods. Then I will have all forged internals except the crank. My ultimate goal is to run a normally aspirated small block to 10.05 in the quarter mile, so you can see I am on a journey. The biggest thing I am conserned is that I will spend thousands upon thousands less than buying a LS1. And still beat them by a second or two. But, I update this site frequently, so check back, to see whats changed.

My mods AS TO DATE!
350 4-bolt main block
Scat 383 Cast crankshaft
Vortech L-31 heads with edelbrock valve springs installed. Milled 50 thousandths over
Edelbrock T.E.S 1 and 5/8 Headers
Speed Pro 11.1:1 Forged Aluminum pistons
Speed Pro piston ring set
Chrome driver side dipstick oil pan
Harlan Sharpe 1.5:1 Roller Rockers
Hardened Pushrods
Miloden High Clearance Chrome Valve Covers

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Last updated 7/29/02